Monday, February 12, 2018

Re-launching the College Magazine
 Under the Title: Heart Strings
Theme: Youth, the Fluorescence for Fusion

 ‘A drop of ink can make million think’
- Lord Bryce
Kondadaba: Seminarians of St John’s Regional Seminary are very glad to bring to your notice that Church initiated the process of Conducted the Synod on “Youth, Faith & Vocational Discernment”. Under this view seminary brought the magazine under the theme: Youth, the Fluorescence for Fusion. In brief fluorescence means radiance emitted from UV light. In our context, fluorescence is connoted as talents, potentialities of the youth and fusion means joining them together to form a single entity. This magazine is compiled by us envisaging the areas where the youth veering their talents potentialities and responsibilities in building the nation. This is the inner meaning of the theme of our magazine.

Church always considers her indispensible duty to concern about youth and ably guide them socially, academically and psychologically with proper and relevant values. It’s a privilege that Church recently planned a Synod on ‘Youth’ reminding us to ponder over the role and significance of youngsters in the society. Pope Francis during his visit to Brazil, delivered his Triple Mantra to youngsters saying, “Go, do not be afraid, and serve”. Basing on these boosting words our students have come up with various ideas on youth articulating their potentialities, areas of vulnerabilities, modern challenges in response to the new socio-cultural situations in the Church. I strongly believe that if youngsters embrace religion out of their personal conviction, perhaps based on an experience of social reality, they become committed members and build a civilization of love heeding to the signs of our times. Today the need of the hour of both Church and State is that the knowledge and talents possessed by youth (Fluorescence) should be harnessed (fused) for common good and for the greater glory of God. This paves the way to build confidence in youth by making them ‘wise’ not otherwise in contributing to the total formation of human becoming.

The reflections in the magazine shed light and delved into the world of youth and their concerns. Some of the articles projects seeing themselves, as youth, in an autobiographical vein.  The other, taking a distance. All the articles though, give expression to their care for the world, as shepherds of the fellow-humans and the creation, addressing the issues of apathy and indifference, the challenges of leadership, in today’ s world. In the process, they exercise their roles a Dasein, the space where the reality be-comes lit up, fluorescent, for the fusion of horizons
of their concerns and disquiet, over the situation of the world, in common cause, with the contemporary youth, yearning for a transformation- change. We owe our sincere gratitude and note of thanks to Fr Rector, Fr Principal, for their editorials. Fr. Jose K. Fr Anthaiah and Br Regent. For their support and imitative to bring this magazine. And, a very more specially for all the brothers who fused their essence for fluorescence with articles, poems, and other theme oriented literature.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

St John’s Regional Seminary, Kondadaba, Kothavalasa
Annual Debate – 2017-18
Monday, 29 January, 2018, from 9.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.
‘Majoritarinism Strengthens the Constitutional Fabric of India’

 Kondadaba: It was a great day at St. John’s Regional Seminary, because it was the day which is long awaited one, has come to fulfill the dream of our own to know something about Majoritarinism from political perspective. The debate started with a moments of prayer. And then Fr. Rector welcomed the gathering, and felicitated the resource person of the day namely, Chair Person Prof. Krishna Prasad and esteemed judges of the day. The moderator welcomed the speakers of the day for the motion and against the motion. The moderator invited K. Naveen from the motion to speak out his arrangements on secularism and its meanings. For against the mostion  Madhu proposed his arguments against the secularism and it’s misinterpretations by the ruling government. Followed by B.  Vidya Sagar on Hindutva revisiting the Constitution. Counter to him, Nani Balaswamy, who raised his voice against the motion by stating the statastics and evidences from the collected materials. Anthony. P who spoke on how the concept of majoritarianism came into existence politically to decide the truth.

Alexander Chatla who spoke on the theme: The ambiguities of Modi and duality in governance. After which we had rebuttle speech by G. Manohar and Velangani Jutuga. They have summed up the whole anuual in full support of their sides by raising their points to its culminations. There were many questions raised in the forum of the students to show their debating skills and to argue the points that they are aware of. The chair person of the day, appreciated the effort of the brothers who struggle to put the points together in a way of reading the materials available with the help of Principal and their member of the group. He said that, he was blessed to have the day spent in SJRS. After which he explained the etymology and their understanding of the term majoritarism and how it constitutes the fabric of India. Majoritarinism should not lead one to decide the turht in itself. Because, there may be truth in it or may not be. Therefore, majority need not to decide the truth always, so that we need to be aware of ourselves in deciding the truth in everything. We called it a day by 12:30 pm to this annual debate.

Monday, February 5, 2018

 ‘Da mihi animas Cetera tolle’

We have been called to heal wounds, to unite what has fallen away, and to bring home those who have lost their way. Many who seem to us to be children of the Devil will still become Christ's disciples. 15
St. Francis of Assisi

Kondadaba-2018: We the brothers of St. John’s Regional Seminary had grand celebration of St John Bosco’s Feast. It is really a memorable event that each of us could unleash our potentialities and harness our talents on this feast by praising and thanking God for the gift of Salesian fathers who mould the brothers of SJRS. It is really enriching experience because; through celebration of this grate saint, we realize the indebtedness towards the salesians, for their tireless service and tenderness of love of God that they show towards youth formies of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states. On this precious day, the whole community had come to know little more about Don Bosco. It also helped us to know the role of Don Bosco in the lives of Salesians and our formation to become future priests. So much so that each of us distinguished ourselves from routine rhythm of participating in all the programmes of the day. It is the time where everyone elicits their hidden potentialities and love for Don Bosco.  There were games conducted on this day. They were cricket and volleyball. All the staff participated in these games. It was well organized and conducted by Youth Alive Group.


The staff had thought of feeding the poor and aged men and women of the locality. So, they were invited for lunch. It reminds the Gospel passage from the Bible, feed the poor who cannot pay, than your reward will await you in heaven on the last day. This is what exactly the kind gesture aims at, and communicates to the others. All the elderly people around 15 were very happy in coming to have delicious meal. They said that, they felt as if their own house and children who feed them. Their faces brightened with smiles. The fragrance of joy filled the whole compass, by lightening our hearts on this day. May this Spirit of this kind gesture be blessed was the last blessings of these elderly people to this community.

Almost everything that is Great has been done by Youth
Kondadaba: St John’s Regional Seminary conducted youth fest on 21.01.2018 at 09:00 am to 5:00 pm for the young people. This event is been pre-planned by the youth Alive Group and thier leader Br. Vijayraj. Madasu. Fr Jose K. (the Rector) is group in charge of the Group was the man who is behind the curtain to pre-plan and implement this event.  Father Jose K. called the resource person as Fr Lingampally Ashok for the day. Number of the participants are 280 from different villages and Parishes. They are namely, Chodavaram, L.Kota, Mangalapalem and S.Kota. The theme for this youth fest is; O Yuvatha Nave Samaja Nirmatha. At the start of the fest Fr Mallavarapu Rayanna, the Rector of the institute introduced the resource person to the youth. And he greeted them to have a blessed and enjoyable day.

This day is been dedicated for the youth, to know their responsibilities for the betterment of the society. The Resource person of the day mostly emphasized on the significant things like, Social Media and its pros and cons by its usage, by taking as an examples from the real incidents that occurred in different areas of life. Secondly, he talked about the suicides that occurred due to high expectations that are set before the youth by oneself or by the parents. Once the target is not been reached that youth of the day think that, the life has come to an end. Due to this kind of thinking, the youth full of energy and dreams and desires put a full stop to the God given life. In what way, they do justice to the life which is a free gift from God. How a person does builds the future society, if one is worried about petty issues of the day and give up one’s life. These were the thought provoking questions that are raised by Fr. Ashok.

Father Ashok Lingapally shed the light on the bad habits that youth are addicted in the present world.  They are like, drugs, smoking, alcohol etc. He invited them to turn away from vulnerable addictions which are unwanted like smoking, tobacco, drugs, consumption of alcohol, mistrust, unfaithfulness, going away from the Church’s Teachings, etc. These are the main causes which destroy oneself completely.  They shall be mindful of chasing their goals using their talents, if only they say no to all other bad habits that one come across in life.  Fr Ashok invited the youth to share their societal journey with their family members as living Saints who belong to God as St Paul wished of every human to be. And many participants spontaneously shared their problems in the society, their challenged life in the society. As we all know that this society is a competitive world, nothing comes with shear work, and rather one has to shed his sweat and blood to survive and to compete to get and to gain something to survive. 

Some of the other issues that are been touched upon are respecting parents and disciplining themselves and developing personality are been the social issues.
Fourthly, the brothers of youth alive conducted dance competitions as usual for the participants. All the youth are all agog and on the top of the world in cheering the dancers from their respective village youth. The joy echoed in the auditorium of SJRS.  The judges for this programme were Sisters of Saint Ann’s of Bangalore. They were Sr. Lissa, Sr. Susmitha and Sr. Mary. There was also drawing competition been conducted in the village/parish itself for the youth who participated on that day. They all were rewarded for all that they had done on the stage. They all aspiring themselves in inspiring the other before they would expire. We called it a day with head over heels with all the participants.


Monday, November 6, 2017

“My Son lend your heart to me, let my ways be delightful to you.
Youth Retreat
Kondadaba: St John’s Regional Seminary conducted youth retreat on 05.11.2017 at 10:00 am to 5:00 pm for the young people. This event is been pre-planned by the Suvartha Sunadam Group leader Br. Tarun along with their group members. Fr Mallavarapu Rayanna (the Rector) is group in charge of the Group was the man who is behind the curtain to pre-plan and implement.  Father Rector called the resource person for the day. He is Fr Mohan Prasad, in charge of Divyavani Channel from the Pastoral Centre of Archdiocese of Visakhapatnam. Number of the participant are 103 from different villages and Parishes. They are namely, Chodavaram, L.Kota, Mangalapalem and S.Kota. The theme for this youth retreat was; “My Son lend your heart to me, let my ways be delightful to you”. At the start of the retreat Fr Jose. K introduced the retreat preacher to the youth and wished all the best for the day with the Lord.
This day is been dedicated for the youth to turn back to God from their daily life and moreover from the sinful life. This day called them to become holy from the retched life. St John’s Regional Seminary provided a day and time to grow one’s relationship with God. A time for conversion from deep within is been the motto behind this plan of this day. Fr Mohan with his spiritual talks drilled (infused) the Word of God along with parables into their heart and minds.
Father Mohan shed the light on the bad habits that youth are addicted in the present world. Secondly, he invited them to turn away from vulnerable addictions which are unwanted like smoking, tobacco, drugs, consumption of alcohol, mistrust, unfaithfulness, going away from the Church’s Teachings, etc… They shall be mindful of chasing their goals using their talents, if only they say no to all other bad habits that one come across in life.  Fr Mohan invited the youth to share their spiritual journey with God and many participants spontaneously shared their spiritual journey.   Some of the other issues that are been touched upon are respecting parents and disciplining themselves and developing personality are been the social issues.
 Secondly, the retreat preacher compared Jesus and Alexander the Great to bring out the message. He said that both of this persons worked hard and struggled life. One sought for the eternal and the other sought for the earthly things. One for the perishable and the other for imperishable. Now, the choice is our to choose eternity or perishable? Posed the question for the youth to think about it.
                Youth retreat was concluded after the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. During the homily time,  he preached on the thought provoking thing theme is that; “ Love”. Preacher mainly emphasized on love yourself that you are precious jewel in the hand of God. Be concerned towards your neighbour as Mary showed through her life.  Lastly, the remarkable statement he made it was, to be the change that we wanted to see the world. We called it a day by 5:00pm with tea.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Education for the Frontiers

Education should be an instrument that leads one from darkness to light. St John’s Regional Seminary hosts seminar on the theme education for the frontiers. It is been planned well by Fr Jose D. Maliekal the principal of the college.  The whole aim of this seminar is to removes ignorance from the minds of the people to enhance the life stands of students. It also emphasized to heighten one’s conscious. The resource persons for this seminar were Fr Pallithanam Joseph and Dr. Krishnajee, a socialist from Vizianagaram.  They explained in detail between Aksharasyatha  and neraksharasyatha.  He in his smartness provoked the minds of the students. It is not because of the evil people who suffer, but good people keep silence. It is the beginning point for the suffering of the people especially uneducated illiterate etc.

There are five objects of education: Knowledge, vocational air, moral aim, cultural aim, and religious aim. But, today’s education is not providing these five objects but only first three. On the other hand education should help one to bloom in life from all the areas of life, which means an all round development is an ultimate goal of education. But in today’s world the education is being used for earning instead of using education for learning. The education has become business, therefore we need to bring back to it’s origin,it’s aim it’s goal to enrich life from all sides. So that the individual, society and country be in peace.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Football is like life - it requires perseverance, self-denial, ]hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority.
-Vince Lombardi

The football match between brothers and youth is being well planned and organized on the Sunday evening. It is an immersive joy to play football match with the youth. It is being initiated by Fr Jose K. the dean of studies. The brothers were well prepared for the match. Brothers and the youth had showed their skills on the ground with the ball. At last brothers won the game. 4-1 was the score.

After the match everybody appreciated each other for their contribution to the match. We initiated them next time to play much better than that day’s performance.  It is been like friendly match. Finally everybody went home with happiness on their faces. Brothers congratulation and thanked Fr Jose K. for providing them an opportunity to play the outsiders. They asked him to conduct some more matches in the coming year.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

St John’s Regional Seminary, Kondadaba, Kothavalasa
Annual Philosophical Symposium – 2017-18
Monday, 28 August, 2017, from 9.15 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

“Revisiting Secularism in a changing India"


It was a great day at St. John’s Regional Seminary, because it was the day which is long awaited one, has come to fulfill the dream of our own to know something about secularism. So, the days speciality is annual symposium on the topic “Revisiting Secularism in a changing India”. The days Moderator was Prof. Saileela from St. Joseph’s College of Mangalapalem. The time table as followed was, programme started at 9:15 am with a Holy Spirit Hymn along with Scripture Reading and followed by Fr. Jose.D. Maliekal the principal of the college introducted the moderater of the day. He welcomed her to felicitate and read out the Bio-data.Fr. Rector felicitated her with shawl and Br. Vamsi the college leader with a bouquet.

Then six speakers of the day were invited to take their chairs. First Br Rajesh Pothuraju presented his topic on “Towards a Genealogy and Archaeology of Secularism”, that is the presenting the meaning and the evolution of the concept of secularism. It is clearly known to us the term secularism means, separation of state from Religion and its faith experiences. Along with many others insights were presented to the pupils presented there. Then it was left for the forum for clarifications and to raise the questions.  Secondly, Manohar Akhil Difference of Approach to Secularism in the West and in India”. This topic dealt about people thinking about secularism in all the aspects and the way and approach towards secularism in the West and the East.  Thirdly, Kurapati David Raju  presented on “Specificity of Secularism in the Pluralistic and Democratic Constitutional Framework of India”.  Forthly Bonela Vinaykumar “Shifting Discourse of Secularism in the Changing Socio-Cultural and Politico-Economic Scenario of India”. Fifthly, Kowju Bala Raju “New Awakening of Religion in the Public Sphere in the world and in India: Challenges for Secularism and Democracy”.  Sixthly, Komarapu Pratap presented on “The Way forward: In Search of Alternative Narratives and Praxis”.

            Over all the brothers were contented for conducted on the relevant topic. Through which they learnt that, “Sarvadharma Sambhavana, Dharma Neerbhekshitha and Bhanda Neerbhekshitha”, are important elements in implementing and practicing secularism. So that the meaning of Secularism need not to face the deficit or implementing the real meaning of secularism to enhance the standards of life of Indian People.  The concept of Secularism (religion) should be implemented in India along with state affairs as like the coin which has two sides. We called it a day by 1:00 pm to this annual symposium.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

New Priest’s Day
St John’s Regional Seminary

 Kondadaba: We had our new priest’s day dated on 18 August, 2017.It’s really our bounden duty to thank almighty God for making the day possible in a grand-scale. New Priest’s from all over the diocese of Andhra and Telangana who pursued their philosophy is invited and expected to offer thanks-givng mass and have a family gathering as the token of their love towards our alma mates St. John’s Regional Seminary, Kondadaba.

At 9:30 am accompanied soul-solicitation music and as the whole it was solimanized by all the 14 new priests. Their past ages work really enriching and thought-provoking. Some of the thinking points like “ all the expansion in life, all the contration in death; emphases on studies and utilizing opportunities, trying to be more of ourselves, to aspire to be inspired by other before we expire are really heart-touching. Fr. Santhose Alamanda proposed vote of thanks highlighting the formation of Salesian of Don Bosco connecting ot the these “You are called to the Mission of Mercy and Compassion”. At; 4:00 pm, we had a friendly volley ball match between new priests and seminarians. Its really hilarious and added gaiety to the day. They departed at 6:00 pm, to their respective place. We called it a day with gratitude in our hearts to the Almighty.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Independence Day
St John’s Regional Seminary
 Kondadaba, Kothavalasa

“Into Heaven…. Into Freedom…”

August 15, one of the most important day for all Indians. We remember the way we achieved our freedom from the clutches of the oppressors British who ruled India. It was a moment of pride and glory to remember the great leaders who fought selflessly for the freedom of our country, sacrificed their lives to free our motherland.

By remembering their struggles, this day, we celebrated 71 Independence Day in our community. It was an awesome celebration organized by mother Teresa Group. First and foremost, there was a speech on this glorious occasion delivered by Br Pranay Thathireddy. He emphasized on the richness of our country in literature, history, culture, creed, code and the uppermost and unique quality of India is to live “Unity in Diversity”. After which patriotic song gave life to celebration. Fr M.Rayanna the Rector of the community hoisted the flag and gave his inspiring speech. It was thought provoking speech, demands all of us to ‘dream big’, to see the colours of Independence Day spreading happiness and great joy all around. 
General Knowledge-2017-18
St John’s Regional Seminary

 ‘Knowledge is power’-Francis Becon
Kondadaba-2017-18: The Annual General Knowledge Quiz is being conducted on 14 August, 2017 at 6:00pm-8:00 pm at the Auditorium. It is been conducted by Br Ravi Kotte (the assistant), P. Israel and P. Balaswamy. It was a wonderful event, to bring out the hidden knowledge.  It was for the first time in the seminary history to have quiz with power point projected on the screen. In this quiz competition, there are 20 rounds altogether. From the same rounds there were passing rounds at the same time non-passing rounds with bonus points. There are four groups which actively participated in this quiz completion, they are Rainbow, Mother Teresa group, Youth Alive and Suvertha Sunadham.

                  The programme started with the Hymn to the Holy Spirit, after which the new administrator of our house Fr P. Anthaiah gave his inaugural speech. After that, we had wonderful and mesmerizing rounds named Bible, Magazines, Home Rounds, News Papers, General Rounds and Corrent Affairs etc.  At the end we had rapid round which changed the fate of all group’s position in their marks.

                At the end of this event, the concluding words were given by Fr Jose D.Maliekal ( The Principal). He enlighted us the importance of General Knowledge. He proposed the new thought that to have creative ways of General Knowledge quiz for the next time. At last he appreciated conductors and each of them present there. They have called it a day at 8:30 pm. 

Marian Olympics-2017-18

St John’s Regional Seminary

Sports do not build character. 

They reveal it.

-Heywood Broun

Kondadaba-2017-18: We the brothers of St. John’s Regional Seminary had our Grand Marian Olympics-2017-18 on 11, August. It is really a memorable event that each of us could unleash our potentialities and harness our talents. It is really enriching experience because; through this event we had learnt little more about Mother Mary. It also helped us to know the role of Mary in our formation to become future priests. So much so that each of us distinguished ourselves from routine rhythm of participating in all the programmes. It is the time where everyone elicits their hidden potentialities and enhances their team spirit. It was well organized and conducted by the coordinating team Br. Ravi SDB, (Regent). Fr Jose K. B. Vinay and K. Prathap as referees for Square Ball, Foot Ball and Volley ball games conducting at 8:45 pm.

In this Marian Olympics four groups participated. They are: Mother Teresa, Rainbow, Suvartha Sunadham and Youth Alive. We individually and collectively participated in this Marian Olympics. Each and everyone contributed their hard work for this memorable event. The atmosphere was filled with a healthy competitive spirit and it was very colourful in the night. Each group put forth a lot of sportive spirit and creative skills to score highest goals and points in other games.

                All these acitivites brought out the feats of team work. There were also other activities which helped the brothers to bring their talents and to discover new paths to honour our Lady, thus making ourselves more close to her. For us it was an indelible event and a rejuvenating experience enabling us to actualize our potentials. At the end Mother Teresa Groups scored 115, in first place, there other groups 105- SS, 105-Y.A, stands in the second place. Thirdly, Rainbow with 95 points.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


(Ooo..Balaa! Neeve Bhavishath Jvala….)

 Kondadaba: On 6 August, 2017, “Aaduthu Paaduthu” Programme was successfully celebrated for the Children in St John’s Regional Seminary at Kondadaba.  Fr Jose K. ( Vice-Rector), Community members and near by communities attended the programme and shared their joy and happiness with the children.  It was the tradition of the seminary to dedicate a day to bring all the children together for cultural fest. Altogether  seven hundred eighty (780 from different ministries place) children attended in the programme.  Brothers prepared the children nearly two weeks.

The programme was begun around 8.30 a.m. and concluded at 4.30 p.m.  The campus resembled and given Valdocco experience where good number of boys and girls engaged with lots of activities, games and spiritual animations.  Children came up with beautiful programmes which drew attention and left a note “we too can challenge…” above all the children enjoy the programme “The backdraft was good with proportionate theme, “Ooo..Balaa! Neeve Bhavishath Jvala...”  Don Bosco” says, ´It is enough that you are young to love you’ keeping in mind Salesians played a big role guiding the children and encouraging them, and they shared their happiness and joy with the children.

Special thanks to Fr M. Rayanna and his staff who was behind the curtain to encourage and supported the brothers.  A Special thanks to all the judges, Mother Theresa Group members and Fr  Putti Anthaiah, animator for sacrificing their energy and time.  Special thanks to Fr K. Joseph, who prepared brothers for ministry places.  Thanks to Fr P. Anthaiah (Administrator) by providing sumptuous meals. Finally the programme ended by distributing the prizes for the award winners.  Above all the programme was well planned and meticulously executed and inspired many children.  This event left us happy with Jesus words…. “Let these Children come to me, for their’s is the kingdom of heaven…”