Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Marian Olympics-2017-18

St John’s Regional Seminary

Sports do not build character. 

They reveal it.

-Heywood Broun

Kondadaba-2017-18: We the brothers of St. John’s Regional Seminary had our Grand Marian Olympics-2017-18 on 11, August. It is really a memorable event that each of us could unleash our potentialities and harness our talents. It is really enriching experience because; through this event we had learnt little more about Mother Mary. It also helped us to know the role of Mary in our formation to become future priests. So much so that each of us distinguished ourselves from routine rhythm of participating in all the programmes. It is the time where everyone elicits their hidden potentialities and enhances their team spirit. It was well organized and conducted by the coordinating team Br. Ravi SDB, (Regent). Fr Jose K. B. Vinay and K. Prathap as referees for Square Ball, Foot Ball and Volley ball games conducting at 8:45 pm.

In this Marian Olympics four groups participated. They are: Mother Teresa, Rainbow, Suvartha Sunadham and Youth Alive. We individually and collectively participated in this Marian Olympics. Each and everyone contributed their hard work for this memorable event. The atmosphere was filled with a healthy competitive spirit and it was very colourful in the night. Each group put forth a lot of sportive spirit and creative skills to score highest goals and points in other games.

                All these acitivites brought out the feats of team work. There were also other activities which helped the brothers to bring their talents and to discover new paths to honour our Lady, thus making ourselves more close to her. For us it was an indelible event and a rejuvenating experience enabling us to actualize our potentials. At the end Mother Teresa Groups scored 115, in first place, there other groups 105- SS, 105-Y.A, stands in the second place. Thirdly, Rainbow with 95 points.

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