Tuesday, February 6, 2018

St John’s Regional Seminary, Kondadaba, Kothavalasa
Annual Debate – 2017-18
Monday, 29 January, 2018, from 9.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.
‘Majoritarinism Strengthens the Constitutional Fabric of India’

 Kondadaba: It was a great day at St. John’s Regional Seminary, because it was the day which is long awaited one, has come to fulfill the dream of our own to know something about Majoritarinism from political perspective. The debate started with a moments of prayer. And then Fr. Rector welcomed the gathering, and felicitated the resource person of the day namely, Chair Person Prof. Krishna Prasad and esteemed judges of the day. The moderator welcomed the speakers of the day for the motion and against the motion. The moderator invited K. Naveen from the motion to speak out his arrangements on secularism and its meanings. For against the mostion  Madhu proposed his arguments against the secularism and it’s misinterpretations by the ruling government. Followed by B.  Vidya Sagar on Hindutva revisiting the Constitution. Counter to him, Nani Balaswamy, who raised his voice against the motion by stating the statastics and evidences from the collected materials. Anthony. P who spoke on how the concept of majoritarianism came into existence politically to decide the truth.

Alexander Chatla who spoke on the theme: The ambiguities of Modi and duality in governance. After which we had rebuttle speech by G. Manohar and Velangani Jutuga. They have summed up the whole anuual in full support of their sides by raising their points to its culminations. There were many questions raised in the forum of the students to show their debating skills and to argue the points that they are aware of. The chair person of the day, appreciated the effort of the brothers who struggle to put the points together in a way of reading the materials available with the help of Principal and their member of the group. He said that, he was blessed to have the day spent in SJRS. After which he explained the etymology and their understanding of the term majoritarism and how it constitutes the fabric of India. Majoritarinism should not lead one to decide the turht in itself. Because, there may be truth in it or may not be. Therefore, majority need not to decide the truth always, so that we need to be aware of ourselves in deciding the truth in everything. We called it a day by 12:30 pm to this annual debate.

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