Monday, February 5, 2018

Almost everything that is Great has been done by Youth
Kondadaba: St John’s Regional Seminary conducted youth fest on 21.01.2018 at 09:00 am to 5:00 pm for the young people. This event is been pre-planned by the youth Alive Group and thier leader Br. Vijayraj. Madasu. Fr Jose K. (the Rector) is group in charge of the Group was the man who is behind the curtain to pre-plan and implement this event.  Father Jose K. called the resource person as Fr Lingampally Ashok for the day. Number of the participants are 280 from different villages and Parishes. They are namely, Chodavaram, L.Kota, Mangalapalem and S.Kota. The theme for this youth fest is; O Yuvatha Nave Samaja Nirmatha. At the start of the fest Fr Mallavarapu Rayanna, the Rector of the institute introduced the resource person to the youth. And he greeted them to have a blessed and enjoyable day.

This day is been dedicated for the youth, to know their responsibilities for the betterment of the society. The Resource person of the day mostly emphasized on the significant things like, Social Media and its pros and cons by its usage, by taking as an examples from the real incidents that occurred in different areas of life. Secondly, he talked about the suicides that occurred due to high expectations that are set before the youth by oneself or by the parents. Once the target is not been reached that youth of the day think that, the life has come to an end. Due to this kind of thinking, the youth full of energy and dreams and desires put a full stop to the God given life. In what way, they do justice to the life which is a free gift from God. How a person does builds the future society, if one is worried about petty issues of the day and give up one’s life. These were the thought provoking questions that are raised by Fr. Ashok.

Father Ashok Lingapally shed the light on the bad habits that youth are addicted in the present world.  They are like, drugs, smoking, alcohol etc. He invited them to turn away from vulnerable addictions which are unwanted like smoking, tobacco, drugs, consumption of alcohol, mistrust, unfaithfulness, going away from the Church’s Teachings, etc. These are the main causes which destroy oneself completely.  They shall be mindful of chasing their goals using their talents, if only they say no to all other bad habits that one come across in life.  Fr Ashok invited the youth to share their societal journey with their family members as living Saints who belong to God as St Paul wished of every human to be. And many participants spontaneously shared their problems in the society, their challenged life in the society. As we all know that this society is a competitive world, nothing comes with shear work, and rather one has to shed his sweat and blood to survive and to compete to get and to gain something to survive. 

Some of the other issues that are been touched upon are respecting parents and disciplining themselves and developing personality are been the social issues.
Fourthly, the brothers of youth alive conducted dance competitions as usual for the participants. All the youth are all agog and on the top of the world in cheering the dancers from their respective village youth. The joy echoed in the auditorium of SJRS.  The judges for this programme were Sisters of Saint Ann’s of Bangalore. They were Sr. Lissa, Sr. Susmitha and Sr. Mary. There was also drawing competition been conducted in the village/parish itself for the youth who participated on that day. They all were rewarded for all that they had done on the stage. They all aspiring themselves in inspiring the other before they would expire. We called it a day with head over heels with all the participants.


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