Monday, February 12, 2018

Re-launching the College Magazine
 Under the Title: Heart Strings
Theme: Youth, the Fluorescence for Fusion

 ‘A drop of ink can make million think’
- Lord Bryce
Kondadaba: Seminarians of St John’s Regional Seminary are very glad to bring to your notice that Church initiated the process of Conducted the Synod on “Youth, Faith & Vocational Discernment”. Under this view seminary brought the magazine under the theme: Youth, the Fluorescence for Fusion. In brief fluorescence means radiance emitted from UV light. In our context, fluorescence is connoted as talents, potentialities of the youth and fusion means joining them together to form a single entity. This magazine is compiled by us envisaging the areas where the youth veering their talents potentialities and responsibilities in building the nation. This is the inner meaning of the theme of our magazine.

Church always considers her indispensible duty to concern about youth and ably guide them socially, academically and psychologically with proper and relevant values. It’s a privilege that Church recently planned a Synod on ‘Youth’ reminding us to ponder over the role and significance of youngsters in the society. Pope Francis during his visit to Brazil, delivered his Triple Mantra to youngsters saying, “Go, do not be afraid, and serve”. Basing on these boosting words our students have come up with various ideas on youth articulating their potentialities, areas of vulnerabilities, modern challenges in response to the new socio-cultural situations in the Church. I strongly believe that if youngsters embrace religion out of their personal conviction, perhaps based on an experience of social reality, they become committed members and build a civilization of love heeding to the signs of our times. Today the need of the hour of both Church and State is that the knowledge and talents possessed by youth (Fluorescence) should be harnessed (fused) for common good and for the greater glory of God. This paves the way to build confidence in youth by making them ‘wise’ not otherwise in contributing to the total formation of human becoming.

The reflections in the magazine shed light and delved into the world of youth and their concerns. Some of the articles projects seeing themselves, as youth, in an autobiographical vein.  The other, taking a distance. All the articles though, give expression to their care for the world, as shepherds of the fellow-humans and the creation, addressing the issues of apathy and indifference, the challenges of leadership, in today’ s world. In the process, they exercise their roles a Dasein, the space where the reality be-comes lit up, fluorescent, for the fusion of horizons
of their concerns and disquiet, over the situation of the world, in common cause, with the contemporary youth, yearning for a transformation- change. We owe our sincere gratitude and note of thanks to Fr Rector, Fr Principal, for their editorials. Fr. Jose K. Fr Anthaiah and Br Regent. For their support and imitative to bring this magazine. And, a very more specially for all the brothers who fused their essence for fluorescence with articles, poems, and other theme oriented literature.

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