Thursday, March 3, 2011

Departure for Summer vacations

The Brothers left for their summer holidays/BA preparation leave on February 25, 2011. The conclusion of the academic year was held the previous day and on February 25th morning after the Eucharistic celebration, the first and second year students, along with those who had completed their B.A. exams left for their respective dioceses'.

The 23 third year students writing their B.A. final year exams stayed back. They commence their exams on March 8, 2011... a day before Ash Wednesday. The first and second year students would return to the Seminary on March 26, 2011 and both commence their exams a day after their arrival. By April 26th, all the Brothers would have left the Seminary for their Summer holidays or ministry and the year finally wrapped up.

Thanks to you all who have been part of this Seminary, in spirit and in kind, journeying with us in the formation and growth of the future Priests of Andhra Pradesh!

Conclusion of the academic year 2010-2011

On February 24, 2011 the community gathered together in the hall for the last monthly recollection of the academic year 2010-2011. The animator of the recollection was Fr Francis Stephen MSFS from Nidudabrolu. The theme of his talk was 'gratitude'. He stressed on the need to be grateful to God and several others, including oneself for all that we grow and gain throughout the year. Abbreviating the word, he highlighted gratitude as not only a great virtue but as the parent of all virtues.
The Farewell Mass for the 29 final year students was presided over by Fr K. T. Jose, the Rector. After lunch the Brothers had time to change their dormitories in order to organise their belongings during their absence till their return for their B.A. exams. The evening cultural programme in honour of the 29 final year students and Br Castilino (whose b'day celebrations were anticipated) began at 7 pm. The second year students organised and coordinated the programme with ample support from the first years.

The first year Brothers put up a comedy skit while the Speed 'n Speed growth group sang a b'day song for their animator, Br Castilino. The farewell address to the third years was prepared by the second year students. Each of the third year Brother was given a patron Saint according to their most liked characteristic... it was interesting to see them stand around in sashes like that of a beauty pageant... only this was a spiritual virtue pageant! The third year students in turn thanked each of the staff members, both past and present for their valuable contribution towards their formation at St John's, Kondadaba. As a small sign of their gratitude they presented to the community a statue of the Risen Lord. The statue was blessed by Fr Rector during the gathering itself.

In his goodnight, Br Castilino thanked the Community for the support and affection showered on him, especially during his illness in the beginning of the year. He also took the opportunity to thank the head of the Community, Fr K.T. Jose for his role of animation and guidance. He finally exhorted each one to give their best for each and every act and thought of theirs.

After the programme, the community had their final solemn supper for the year together in the refectory.