Friday, October 28, 2011

Birds which never flew

Among people, yet far from all
they are like us yet treated small;
Head and eye they have but always bent
have words to speak yet no hearer is meant.

Living in houses where roof touches ground
far off from where the mansions abound;
their dreams end as soon as they start
with no sign of rest for their wearied heart.

Dressed in rags and decorated in dirt
hugged by sickness and caressed by insult;
Their hands move from feet to feet
gaining little more than dirt and spit.

Mothers unable to feed their babes with dry breasts
while father in a bar or brothel rests;
eating leftovers from rich tables
to gather which dignity fumbles.

Let presidents and ministers change or die
but none listen to their cry;
millions of schemes made for their sake
yet in the kiln of poverty they still bake.

Just a penny or two we throw at them
old rags, spoilt food and useless filth we donate as gem;
not a smile shared or any love showed
yet we claim, we paid what we owed.

They are poor yet they are our neighbours
to be loved and respected for their labours;
so let us banish their fears and unwantedness
then can we find Kingdom of God in us.

If we are able to fly let's be thankful to God for it
try change the world by doing our bit;
let's care for these birds which have wings yet cannot fly
offer them our hand and with them fly high.
Br Emmanuel Jerome Lewis (Archdiocese of Hyderabad)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Annual Spiritual Retreat 2011

We, the Brothers of St John's Regional Seminary, Kondadaba were blessed with a great opportunity to make our annual Spiritual Retreat from 17 to the 22 of July 2011. The retreat was animated by Fr Sunil, a Vincentian Priest from Kurnool and his team of 7 members. Each of these members was from a different part of the state and added depth to the spiritual experience we enjoyed during the week. A couple of them, Yesubabu and Reddy, were members of Jesus Youth; Ms Balamma and two of her companions from the city Parish of Gnanapuram, assisted the others on the team with their constant prayer and adoration. Yesubabu was a musician and played the keyboard during the talks and the liturgical services. He was ably assisted by Shoba who led the choir. A CMC Sister, Smitha too offered her invaluable services for round the clock counselling. Preparation for this retreat began almost a month ago under the guidance of Fr Rector and was chiefly done by the Charismatic group.

Each day the talk would begin at 9.30 am. Themes like freedom, capital sin, purpose of life, effects of praise and worship and intimacy with God. The session on inner healing was very inspirational and helped us tangibly experience the Divine presence amidst us. Every evening two hours were set aside for the Eucharistic adoration. The presence of youngsters in the team who boldly and joyfully shared their personal experiences with Christ, was a great inspiration to all. Fr Sunil, in his humble and gentle ways, helped us focus our thoughts and energies in encountering the Lord through the talks, prayers and especially the moments spent with the Eucharistic Lord.

The retreat concluded on October 22, Saturday morning with the Eucharistic celebration. The following day, the same team animated the 160 youth gathered from the various ministry places which Brothers frequent on weekends, for a day of retreat. The youngsters loved this spiritual experience and made explicit their request of having such prayer sessions more than once a year. Very many of the Brothers too participated in this one-day retreat along with youngsters from the various parishes and neighbourhood. The basic requirements for the retreat were seen to by the members of the Mother Teresa group.
Br A. Syam

Friday, October 14, 2011


Oh! dear! you who are filled with deep sorrow
unable to fight today and face tomorrow
come out of the darkness of impossibility
luminate your life with the life of your ability.

Troubles in life are never easy.
yet, accept them as you do to joy and glee.
Own your errors and all your mistakes,
add up some courage and the victory it bakes.

Gold shines to the proposition of heat
you too will shine through the troubles you meet
never measure the pain but matter the goal
leave no brick unmoved in playing your role.

Depression and sorrows binds up your wings
ceases the flight of your dreams and yearings
cleanse your tears and set right your countenance
work, so that the world vibrates with your resonance.

If you exaggerate your problems which were just menial
and underestimate your talents and underdo your potential
you will end up a loser in the battle of life
then close your life with poison or knife.

Tis not the way for thee to proceed.
but win over yourself and do succeed.
make up your mind and listen what your heart says.
one day, you will find yourself a conqueror.
Br. Jerome Emmanuel Lewis
Archdiocese of Hyderabad