Thursday, January 31, 2013

Feast of Don Bosco 2013

The feast of Don Bosco, the founder of the Salesian Congregation was celebrated with solemnity on January 31, 2013. There was an enriching prayer service in the morning animated by brothers and after that brothers wished the staff members in their own spontaneous style, leading all in procession to the dining hall. 

The solemn Eucharistic celebration was at 11.30 a.m.celebrated by Fr Jose Maliekal, the Rector. There was a special lunch served and the guests from neighboring communities were invited to share the joy and the meal. 

At 2.30 p.m. the community gathered for a House assembly. It was called for to see the feasibility of implementing and clarifying some of the recommendations of Fr Provincial during his recently concluded Canonical Visitation. In the evening, all the staff members were invited for supper by the parish priest.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Republic Day and Provincial Visitation

The annual Provincial visitation of the Salesian Province of Hyderabad commenced on January 26, 2013. Fr Raminedi Balaraju, the Provincial, arrived early in the morning and was also the chief guest for the hoisting of the national flag on the occasion of the Republic Day.  The Republic day festivities were well organised by the Chaitanya Deepika group members with Br K. Sunil presenting a challenging message befitting the occasion. 

The Salesians had a Holy Eucharist celebrated by Fr Provincial in which he stressed on the importance of year of Faith and on being a Holy Salesian.

At 9.00 a.m. he started meeting confreres personally. At noon the Salesians had a house assembly. In the assembly, each confrere presented his own field of responsibility in the community. Post-lunch Fr Provincial met the students separately as per each course. He listened to them patiently and assured them his prayers.  

Again around 2.00 p.m. the Salesian staff gathered for the final report of Fr Provincial. Fr Provincial officially concluded the visitation at 4.30 p.m. and left the house at 5.00 p.m. to meet the OCD fathers and brothers.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Annual Debate

As part of the academic curriculum, the annual debate was held on January 23, 2013 and the theme, “Nuclear Energy is the Best Energy Resource for India: Yes or No?” The moderator of the debate was Professor Mohan Rao from Vizag. 

There were three brothers for the motion and three brothers against the motion. All of the speakers did their level best in affirming their standpoints. After the individual talks, all the brothers were charged to release missiles in the form of questions against each other. It showed that brothers were really involved in the topic. The question and replies enriched the whole community. The rebuttal speeches of both the groups convinced each one in the hall that Nuclear energy is good and bad and only we should go for it as per the need. 

Fr Rector, Fr Balaswamy and Br Anil were the judges for the debate. Big kudos to Fr Wilson, the principal, for making the debate a big success.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The value of Friendship

There are many star in the sky
There are many fishes in the river
There are many people in the world
There are many trees in the forest
But no where could I find out something more meaningful than friendship. 

Friendship is an invaluable gift given to everybody by God. Devoid of friendship a person can only live as an island. We must make friends in our lives, because through friendship we cherish our feelings and fathom our emotions.  We must foster friendship in our lives for it fetches blissfulness to our hearts and fills our soul with tremendous joy.

Friendship is like a tree, which is not measured in terms of how tall it could be, but on how deep the roots have grown.  When the roots have webbed themselves fully in the womb of the earth, automatically the tree also grows very robust and strong. In a similar way, an intimate friendship finds itself rooted in love and understanding buried in the soils of trials, and watered by the fountains of sharing.  This sort of bond makes a friendship what it ought to be.

There may come a question to our minds, whether there is the need of good friendships at all. Can life go on without it?  We must foster good friendships in our lives, because a genuine friendship always brings happiness to others. When we strike a genuine friendship,  it will make us sedulous and authentic persons.  Besides, it brings us happy moments.  A good friendship always multiplies our ineffable joys, divides grief and adds pleasure to our lives.  When we make good friends, we feel very happy and satisfied.

Friendship is like a book, it takes a few seconds to burn, but it takes years to write.  Similarly when friendship is very intimate to our lives, it grows very profound and becomes an immensely cherishable experience.

Dear friends, friendship is the wonderful and tremendous experience that a human being can ever have.  Friends are indispensable to our lives.  They assist us to grow in our works and in every step we take.  Friends are the ones who will always be with us and guide us. Without friendship human beings cannot survive on the earth and cannot feel happy.  A good friendship cannot expunge bitterness from our lives but it can surely add some sweetness.  While bad friendship must be shunned, we must try our level best to cultivate good relationships in our lives.

Br Allam Manoj (First course)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Seminar in Philosophy

Fr Johnson Puthenpurackal OFM was in the community to commence and conduct a two day workshop on the theme, “Raimundo Panikkar: Harmony in Plurality”. As per the experience of the brothers, they were very happy with the seminar and it opened their eyes to embrace different cultures, religions, customs, castes and more especially to different people in the society.  

Friday, January 11, 2013

New Phone

The community was gifted with a common phone this afternoon, especially for the Brothers to use to make calls home and to their dear ones.  The portable, Tata Docomo walky was initially planned as a Christmas gift but some activation issues held up the presentation.  Having finally activated the phone, the announcement was made to the Brothers in the afternoon after lunch.  The number of the new phone line, exclusively for the Brothers is 8916564589.

Happy calling!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Monthly Recollection

We had our first  monthly recollection of the calendar year 2013 this evening and it was preached by Fr Joseph Kondala, the assistant director of the Ross Hill, Vizag. In his typical, charismatic style he animated the community with a brief talk in the Seminary Chapel. Time for confessions, facilitated by our regular  and generous confessors and adoration followed. The recollection concluded with the benediction just before supper.  

Monday, January 7, 2013

Back home!

By 5 pm this evening, all the Brothers returned from their Christmas vacations and we had the feastday Mass of the Epiphany together as a community at 6.30 pm.  The only person yet to return is Fr Balaswamy, the Confessor as he is away to attend a meeting in Hyderabad.

Fr Maliekal, the Rector, welcomed the Brothers back to the Seminary and exhorted them to get into the rhythm of the community, especially its academic activities, with ease and pace.  Given the typical hectic schedule of the remaining three months, one hardly needs a reminder about this.  We now look forward to the last lap of the academic year.  In a little more than another month, the final year students will complete their Philosophy classes while simultaneously polishing their final dissertation.  

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Parents' Day

The Brothers return from their Christmas holidays tomorrow evening.  We broke up for the Christmas vacations on December 16, 2012 and will be back in full swing tomorrow evening onwards.

The two days prior to the departure for holidays were busy with us celebrating also the Parents' day.  The Seminary hosted 54 parents and relatives of 15 (of the 23) third year students.  The annual feature by now of the Seminary to invite and celebrate a day or two with the parents was rescheduled from September to December this time. The combined celebrations of the community Christmas and Parents' presence made a good impression on all of us here.
Cutting the Christmas cake:
Fr Maliekal (the Rector), and the youngest
of the guests (nephews and nieces of the Brothers)

The specific highlight of this years' Parents' day was informal interaction we had with the Parents on December 15, in the afternoon prior to Mass and lunch.  After an initial talk by Fr Vatti Marreddy CSSR, he facilitated a sharing by the Parents.  During this sharing the parents expressed their hopes, desires and assured not just their sons but the staff and every member of the community their sincere prayers for all the good being done here.  On the part of the students, the Brothers asked the parents to continue supporting us all with their prayers and an exemplary Catholic family life.