Monday, January 31, 2011

Feast of Don Bosco

For the feast of Don Bosco, Fr Thottiyil Thomas presided over the Solemn Mass in the morning. He reminded the community that Don Bosco was first a Diocesan Priest and that he was instrumental in giving the Church during his time more Priests than for his own Salesian congregation. The animation for the Mass of the day was prepared by the two groups Suvartha Sunadam and Vidya Jyothi in collaboration with Fr K.T. Jose, the Rector.

After breakfast, the Brothers had a round of lightning tournament organised by the Youth Alive group. All three games, Football, basketball and volleyball were played by the eight growth groups. Lunch was solemnised with a few chosen and special invitees... just those closest to the community and very much part of the immediate neighbourhood. Fr Prasad, the Parish Priest of Mangalapalem, Fr Ratna Kumar from Vepada, the MSA Sisters, Deacon Savio and Br Peter from Kondadaba made their joyful presence felt during the lunch. Later in the night, the Brothers watched The Lord of Rings (part 1).

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Republic Day (Jan. 26, 2011)

On the occasion of the 62nd Republic Day (January 26, 2011) of India, the Seminary had a special Mass in the morning presided over by Fr K.T. Jose, the Rector. Fr Francis Stephen preached on the occasion. After the Mass, the national flag was hoisted by Fr Francis Stephen. The programme was arranged for and organised by the Pratyasa group under the guidance of Fr Wilson. The simple flag hoisting ceremony took nearly 15 minutes not counting the little hiccups that came along the way.

Fr Francis Stephen in his homily spoke of the need to be conscious citizens of the nation as a part of being worthy citizens of the heavenly Kingdom. Being a day between the pre-final exams of the BA subjects, the morning time was spent in study and in the afternoon, the Brothers had a game of Cricket, with each course challenging the other. Of course, being Wednesday, the shopping was not left out!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Guests at Kondabada

On January 17, 2011 one of the past pupils of the Seminary, one belonging to the very first batch of students at St John's Regional Seminary, Kondadaba, Fr Maria Joseph a Priest of Nellore Diocese along with another Priest, Fr Showry (from the same diocese) paid a visit to Kondadaba. They were accompanied by two friends from Texas, USA... Ms Vernie and Johannah. Both the latter were introduced as friends of Fr Maria Joseph and active collaborators in their own Parish Church back in Texas. It was good to have them with us for the evening and for the Mass the next day.

Speaking during the goodnight on January 17 (Monday) both the ladies expressed their joy at being in the Seminary for the evening and at the sight of 'so many' seminarians... would-be Priests. Ms Vernie (standing to the left of Fr Showry, in the photo) exhorted the Seminarians to understand the value of Priesthood and go on to become good Priests... a rare but essential figure in the Catholic Church today. Ms Johannah told the Brothers to seek and do what is right always, as Seminarians, or as lay persons or as Priests.

Fr Showry during the homily the following morning enumerated the qualities of a Priest... basically as one who is another Christ to the world of today. He was his normal witty self as he spoke from his heart on this occasion.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Recollection: January 2011

Fr Thumma Mariadas MSFS preached the recollection for the month of January today evening (Jan. 5, 2011). After the talk in the hall at 5 pm, there was ample time for prayer and reflection. Frs Prasad and Anthony, Parish Priests of Mangalapalem and Pendurthi respectively were available for confessions as always. The Holy Mass for the day concluded the recollection. Fr Mariadas was the main celebrant. His sermon during the Mass was quite a piece of literature with rich insights for the new year and all the resolutions that follow every new year. He continually exhorted the students to plan the year ahead and make the most of the brand new year at hand.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Distribution of Clothes

Today the elderly people of the neighbourbhood were given some clothes - an annual feature around christmas time.
In the evening at 4.00 pm. there was a short post, Christmas Celebration led by the Suvartha Sunadam and Vidya Jyothi Groups. Fr. Thumma Mariadas the General Counsellor of the MSFS
[who is present for taking classes on the Bhagavad Gita] gave a message and distributed the clothes.

To streamline and make sure that only the deserving ones get the clothes [Pancha for men and a saree for women] Fr. K.T. Jose whas forced to invent a criteria for the later batches that kept coming for "their" share: only those without teeth!
Nearly 120 senior citizens had a new pair of clothes within an hour - thanks to the generosity of the benefactors through Fr. K.T. Jose.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Return after Christmas holidays

The Brothers returned after their Christmas vacations this day (Jan 3, 2011) ... of course, the entry was not very enthusiastic (as the exit for holidays, naturally) the sight of meeting their companions brought back life into their faces and they were their natural self soon. This year, perhaps for the first time, very many reached the Seminary in the morning itself... without loitering around the town, and waiting for the clock to strike four to jump into the compound. Welcome back to continue the academic year 2010-2011.