Thursday, August 31, 2017

St John’s Regional Seminary, Kondadaba, Kothavalasa
Annual Philosophical Symposium – 2017-18
Monday, 28 August, 2017, from 9.15 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.

“Revisiting Secularism in a changing India"


It was a great day at St. John’s Regional Seminary, because it was the day which is long awaited one, has come to fulfill the dream of our own to know something about secularism. So, the days speciality is annual symposium on the topic “Revisiting Secularism in a changing India”. The days Moderator was Prof. Saileela from St. Joseph’s College of Mangalapalem. The time table as followed was, programme started at 9:15 am with a Holy Spirit Hymn along with Scripture Reading and followed by Fr. Jose.D. Maliekal the principal of the college introducted the moderater of the day. He welcomed her to felicitate and read out the Bio-data.Fr. Rector felicitated her with shawl and Br. Vamsi the college leader with a bouquet.

Then six speakers of the day were invited to take their chairs. First Br Rajesh Pothuraju presented his topic on “Towards a Genealogy and Archaeology of Secularism”, that is the presenting the meaning and the evolution of the concept of secularism. It is clearly known to us the term secularism means, separation of state from Religion and its faith experiences. Along with many others insights were presented to the pupils presented there. Then it was left for the forum for clarifications and to raise the questions.  Secondly, Manohar Akhil Difference of Approach to Secularism in the West and in India”. This topic dealt about people thinking about secularism in all the aspects and the way and approach towards secularism in the West and the East.  Thirdly, Kurapati David Raju  presented on “Specificity of Secularism in the Pluralistic and Democratic Constitutional Framework of India”.  Forthly Bonela Vinaykumar “Shifting Discourse of Secularism in the Changing Socio-Cultural and Politico-Economic Scenario of India”. Fifthly, Kowju Bala Raju “New Awakening of Religion in the Public Sphere in the world and in India: Challenges for Secularism and Democracy”.  Sixthly, Komarapu Pratap presented on “The Way forward: In Search of Alternative Narratives and Praxis”.

            Over all the brothers were contented for conducted on the relevant topic. Through which they learnt that, “Sarvadharma Sambhavana, Dharma Neerbhekshitha and Bhanda Neerbhekshitha”, are important elements in implementing and practicing secularism. So that the meaning of Secularism need not to face the deficit or implementing the real meaning of secularism to enhance the standards of life of Indian People.  The concept of Secularism (religion) should be implemented in India along with state affairs as like the coin which has two sides. We called it a day by 1:00 pm to this annual symposium.

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