Saturday, August 19, 2017

New Priest’s Day
St John’s Regional Seminary

 Kondadaba: We had our new priest’s day dated on 18 August, 2017.It’s really our bounden duty to thank almighty God for making the day possible in a grand-scale. New Priest’s from all over the diocese of Andhra and Telangana who pursued their philosophy is invited and expected to offer thanks-givng mass and have a family gathering as the token of their love towards our alma mates St. John’s Regional Seminary, Kondadaba.

At 9:30 am accompanied soul-solicitation music and as the whole it was solimanized by all the 14 new priests. Their past ages work really enriching and thought-provoking. Some of the thinking points like “ all the expansion in life, all the contration in death; emphases on studies and utilizing opportunities, trying to be more of ourselves, to aspire to be inspired by other before we expire are really heart-touching. Fr. Santhose Alamanda proposed vote of thanks highlighting the formation of Salesian of Don Bosco connecting ot the these “You are called to the Mission of Mercy and Compassion”. At; 4:00 pm, we had a friendly volley ball match between new priests and seminarians. Its really hilarious and added gaiety to the day. They departed at 6:00 pm, to their respective place. We called it a day with gratitude in our hearts to the Almighty.

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