Tuesday, August 8, 2017


(Ooo..Balaa! Neeve Bhavishath Jvala….)

 Kondadaba: On 6 August, 2017, “Aaduthu Paaduthu” Programme was successfully celebrated for the Children in St John’s Regional Seminary at Kondadaba.  Fr Jose K. ( Vice-Rector), Community members and near by communities attended the programme and shared their joy and happiness with the children.  It was the tradition of the seminary to dedicate a day to bring all the children together for cultural fest. Altogether  seven hundred eighty (780 from different ministries place) children attended in the programme.  Brothers prepared the children nearly two weeks.

The programme was begun around 8.30 a.m. and concluded at 4.30 p.m.  The campus resembled and given Valdocco experience where good number of boys and girls engaged with lots of activities, games and spiritual animations.  Children came up with beautiful programmes which drew attention and left a note “we too can challenge…” above all the children enjoy the programme “The backdraft was good with proportionate theme, “Ooo..Balaa! Neeve Bhavishath Jvala...”  Don Bosco” says, ´It is enough that you are young to love you’ keeping in mind Salesians played a big role guiding the children and encouraging them, and they shared their happiness and joy with the children.

Special thanks to Fr M. Rayanna and his staff who was behind the curtain to encourage and supported the brothers.  A Special thanks to all the judges, Mother Theresa Group members and Fr  Putti Anthaiah, animator for sacrificing their energy and time.  Special thanks to Fr K. Joseph, who prepared brothers for ministry places.  Thanks to Fr P. Anthaiah (Administrator) by providing sumptuous meals. Finally the programme ended by distributing the prizes for the award winners.  Above all the programme was well planned and meticulously executed and inspired many children.  This event left us happy with Jesus words…. “Let these Children come to me, for their’s is the kingdom of heaven…”

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