Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Education for the Frontiers

Education should be an instrument that leads one from darkness to light. St John’s Regional Seminary hosts seminar on the theme education for the frontiers. It is been planned well by Fr Jose D. Maliekal the principal of the college.  The whole aim of this seminar is to removes ignorance from the minds of the people to enhance the life stands of students. It also emphasized to heighten one’s conscious. The resource persons for this seminar were Fr Pallithanam Joseph and Dr. Krishnajee, a socialist from Vizianagaram.  They explained in detail between Aksharasyatha  and neraksharasyatha.  He in his smartness provoked the minds of the students. It is not because of the evil people who suffer, but good people keep silence. It is the beginning point for the suffering of the people especially uneducated illiterate etc.

There are five objects of education: Knowledge, vocational air, moral aim, cultural aim, and religious aim. But, today’s education is not providing these five objects but only first three. On the other hand education should help one to bloom in life from all the areas of life, which means an all round development is an ultimate goal of education. But in today’s world the education is being used for earning instead of using education for learning. The education has become business, therefore we need to bring back to it’s origin,it’s aim it’s goal to enrich life from all sides. So that the individual, society and country be in peace.

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