Sunday, December 18, 2011


By L. Jerome Immanuel

“All human that liveth have features same
But their future depends on their cast and name
All even though share same flesh and blood
Some are kept under the feet, some over the head.”

The lurking dangers to world peace and the scare of humanity is the narrow communal feelings like caste, creed, languages and communities which once come up to make life better but now the same is making life bitter.

India is a country of heterogeneous people where there are different categories of communities such as racial communities generally including Aryans, Dravidians, Anglo-Indians and aborigines, lingual communities such as Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarat, Marathi, Oria; religious communities such as Hindu, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians. In the midst of all such diversities there is a underlying unity among people.

This unity is many a times disturbed by some anti social elements and political self seeks who are fanning narrow communal feeling in order to meet their own self interest. They arouse communal emotions leading to communal riots, communal discord and communal disharmony.

Children who are born innocent of any malice, hatred or communal feelings are injected by the venemonous poison of communal hatred, religious patriotism, dislike towards the other customs and most harmful is the prejudices and stereotypes depicting the other casts and religions in ill light. The parents and surrounding and some times even the education system injects this feelings into the innocent minds of children.

We cannot expect our today’s children and tomorrows citizens to live in communal harmony if we teach them self gratification nationalism, religious patriotism etc… Instead children can definitely be used as the torches to light the light of communal harmony and religious tolerance. For this we need to build logical and analytical thinking in them a mentality to challenge the wrong beliefs and everything that is inhuman.

 the education is not only about leaning subjects but helping the child to think and se for themselves to accept or not to accept which is being given true education helps the individual to think of their impact on society as a whole . The current system is only making future employs by making children working hard and secure high grades.

Most communal discord stems from the fact that people grow up with wrong information about other groups that they are lazy, or promiscuous or violent or whatever this generalization are called stereotypes. The down of such stereotypes in the minds of people indicate that loophole in their education.

If we peep into the lives of famous communal agitators then we see their childhood was spent in wrong surroundings and anti religious environmental. Teachers should make their teaching as the tool to make today’s children as tomorrow’s better citizens. Communal broad mindedness, love for other religions, cast and creed should be developed. Making human life full virtues as the goal of each child. Relenting from using any violence on children for wrong reasons mainly such as for their colour caste or creed.

“Our present writes our future
Make communal disharmony never a part o f nature
See every human as gods own creature
Then we can repair this world’s communal puncture.”

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