Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What is corruption?

Both hands full
all the pockets stuffed
yet yearning for illegal earning
That is corruption.
Seeing all around the tears of poor
and carrying the capacity of comforting them
yet rejoicing in being the cause of their tears
That is corruption.
Food rotten in huge godowns,
when people die of hunger;
The one to mobilize food, contempt with his full plate,
That is corruption.
When sickness becomes a member of every poor family,
and the life giving doctors become life takers for money;
Letting the sickness decrease the poor numbers,
That is corruption.
Giving the best of education to our own,
and harassing the others' child with heavy labours;
in a way making a bud to dry before it blossoms;
That is corruption.
Watching our neighbours fight for religion,
Knowing all God's are one and fight is wrong;
Yet adding oil to the fire instead of ceasing it;
That is corruption.
Raising the hand over the head of own as a blessing,
and bringing the same hand under the table as curse for others;
In power to help selflessly yet taking bribes selfishly;
That is corruption.
Not only corruption is wealth or money
but it is in all good could be done yet refrained
ask your heart if it is corrupt and greedy
if yes, then kill it, become free.
Then be a Hazare and so 'no to corruption'.
Br Jerome Emmanuel Lewis (I year)

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