Monday, August 15, 2011

Marian Month 2011

The month-long festivities around Mother Mary, as in any typical Salesian formation house, were the highlight of the latter part of July and the first half of August 2011 at Kondadaba. The climax of the activities and programmes was the grand Marian Nite held on August 12, 2011. Animated by Br Behera Sateesh, the regent and ably assisted by Brs Daniel, James and S. Anil (Mariadalam members) the three hour programme was a rich mix of fun, games, acting, singing and all sorts of activities with a Marian tinge. The Rainbow group emerged victorious among the eight participating teams.
The Marian tournament too was a tough one, as this year all the competing eight teams were equally held at the score board till the final day. That kept the enthusiasm and competitive spirit very much alive to the last whistle of the game. Suvartha Sunadam kept up their lead and narrowly managed to upset the previous year winners, Youth Alive. The second place is shared by three teams!!

Besides these, there were regular Prayer services, Rosary services, competitions (singing, drawing, drama, essay...) animated by different groups and participated by the whole community, dotted the whole past month. The conclusion of the Marian Month was the solemn Eucharistic celebration we had on the feast of the Assumption and Indian independence day.

The highlight of this year's activities was the beautiful decorations that the Brothers prepared as a sign of love and devotion to our Mother on the various occasions. The liturgical and para-liturgical animations too were well organised. Several guests to the Seminary during the past month were very much surprised to see the fervour of the students to do their best for the various events of the month.

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