Monday, July 8, 2013


Manifold are the ways to taste the reality,
To discover new things and imbibe its vitality;
Myriad are the ways to equip self with fact,
Learning is the best among all to gather facts.

Learning is the art of understanding and reaching enlightenment,
This art is not limited to any school or college;
Learning is making the outer world, part of inner self,
And making us smart at wondering and being humble before the greatness.

Learning is a friend which rescues us from the fetters of pride,
Helps us speak out and not restrict us to being dumb;
Learning keeps us witty and wise,
Keeping us from rusting, retaining our price.

Learning is key to loyalty, gentleness and faith,
To a better world it is the only gate;
Learning makes us unlike brutes or robots,
Rather turns beasts to men and men to sages.

Our seminary stands as a temple of the same learning,
Here opportunities are given for earning learning,
sheeps turn into shepherds of flocks,
and fishermen into fishers of men
Re-establishing Christ, removing blocks to growth.

Let us rise, dust the mats of our brains,
Leave route of failure, walk in vistas of excellence;
The more we toil now, the more will we gain,
Today's learning will never go in vain.

Br Allam Manoj (II course)