Monday, February 7, 2011

Feast of Kondadaba

The annual feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, the patron of the Shrine/Parish of Kondadaba was celebrated in a grand manner on Feb. 5 and 6, 2011. Thousands of pilgrims and faithful (even non-Christians) visited, participated and prayed during the feast of Our Lady. The Seminary Brothers, as always, were present the full two days manning different responsibilities in ensuring that the pilgrims have a pleasant and devotional trip. The Brothers were directly incharge of the decoration of the Shrine, grotto and stage. They were also involved in greatly helping out the Parish Council members for the law and order (along with the police personnel), the regulation of the traffic, food arrangement and distribution, water supply and guiding the pilgrims along the hill and around. Brothers too spent quite a time in praying and blessing the people who made it a point to stop at each statue, grotto, and religious monument.

The seminary too was opened up for the pilgrims to rest and wash during the two days. Nearly 1,500 people slept for the night on February 5, 2011 (saturday). The women were accommodated in the hall while the men folk slept along the verandas. The following day groups of people came in and spent some time admiring the campus and having a family meal in the cool shade of the trees and the verandas.

Bp Paul Maipan of Khammam was the main celebrant of the Solemn Mass on the feast day. The Archbishop of Vishakapatnam could not make it due to health reasons. The English Mass of the day was presided over by Msgr Karnam Joji Babu, the Vicar of the Archdiocese of Vizag. The choir for both the high Masses of the day was by the Brothers from the Seminary, with the active collaboration of the Parish youngsters.

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