Sunday, July 7, 2013

B'day celebrations of Fr Wilson

On July 6, 2013 Saturday, the community celebrated the b'day of Fr Wilson. Morning Mass and an hour of felicitation prior to lunch.  The neighbouring communities too participated in the get together, and the lunch thereafter.  The b'day Mass was celebrated in the morning itself and was animated by the Rainbow group.

Fr Wilson was thankful to God and the Community for all the blessings bestowed on him, now and every day.  He asked the Brothers to continue making the best of what comes our way.  Among the programmes put up by the Brothers, the skit of the second course, conceived and directed by P. Kiran was worth its time and effort.  Vincent, of the first course, read the b'day address, with some live still and the OCD Brothers too put up a rather good dance to begin the get-together.  The others too chipped in with their performances.

Here are some of the photos...

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