Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Philosophical Symposium 2011

The annual Philosophical Symposium of the academic year was held on August 29, 2011 on the theme 'Creationism and Evolutionism'.  With two speakers from each of the three courses, presenting the varied opinions and proofs for either of the theories of the origin of life on this earth, the day was rife with intense input sessions and discussion. The whole process was intelligently moderated by Fr Anthony Pudussery, the Parish Priest of Gnanapuram and a visiting faculty at St John's, Kondadaba.

The speakers of the symposium with Fr Antony Pudussery and Fr Wilson Jose

From the first course, Brs M. Banu and V. Solomon prepared and presented the papers while from the second course, Brs T. Vijay and K. Velankanni presented the various views.  Brs K. Joy and G. Devaraj represented the third course.  Beginning with the various theories of life and its meaning, the papers presented led the students to a clear picture of the many nuances of the theories of creation and evolution. The final set of presentations were an attempt to synthesize these seemingly contradictory theories of origin.  The rich insights of Pierre Theilhard de Chardin were much used herein.

Besides the well researched and edited papers, thanks to the meticulous follow up of Fr Wilson, the presence of Fr Antony Pudussery made a rich impact on the students.  Through his sharp observations and additions he helped those present see things in a much better light. 

To make matters more clearer and interesting, Fr Wilson Jose, the Principal screened enriching videos which added meaning and depth to the presentations made by the 6 Brothers.  He was ably assisted in organising this half-day symposium by the members of the Rainbow group. 

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