Sunday, December 18, 2011


by L. Jerome Immanuel

Dressed in an attire common to a troop 
Little legs landed among a large group
whole room filled with the rhythm of moanings
none would heed to teachers pleadings and warnings

Tears dry and cheers grow among peers
in the flood of childish pranks is washed all fears
repeating the teacher with a smile, becomes fun
bunking the homework and playing in the sun.

Cannes of teacher and mending of parents causes hurt 
lies are said for the bashes to avert
unable to bear the pressure and pain.
the little heart undergoes much strain.

From riddles to ratios, rhymes to reigns
loads of knowledge, our growing brain gains
sometimes utterly fail, sometimes cleverly pass
at times applauded on dias, at times out of the class.

We learn the world by turning the pages
from the sceptres, physcicians, scientists and sages
Here we learn to love and hate, to destroy and cteate
these moments in learning land wrote our fate.

Teachers make us feel loved and wanted
appreciate the good and negotiate the unwanted 
if they be a model and not a cruel critic
little love given will make learning quick

"Pink and fresh" with innocence in them
when moulded with care have joyous tale to tell 
bind in love not in chains of labour
let their sparkling eyes invent and crate future.

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