Thursday, September 8, 2011

Parents' Day 2011

On September 2, 2011 the parents of the third year students along with a few of their relatives arrived at St John's Regional Seminary, Kondadaba for the Annual Parents' Day celebrations. This was the fourth year since its beginning in 2007. Nearly 87 parents and relatives were present for the next two days with the community. Planned and organised by the Second course Brothers with generous and active support from the first years, the event was truly a family moment. The animating presence of Bp Paul Maipan (of Khammam) too added grace to the occasion.

The celebrations commenced with a charismatic adoration service followed by a very informal and homely get together in the lawn. Using some innovative games and introductions, the second years helped the parents introduce their sons and their dreams to the community. The following day, there was a conference by the Bishop for the Brothers as well as their parents. He stressed the need to recognise the importance of the family support even though their sons are no longer in the families. It was followed by the Holy Eucharistic celebration presided over by the Bishop himself. "Children merely follow the footprints of the parents; so mind where and how you tread," were the challenging words of the Bishop to the parents. A colourful cultural programme followed; with a befitting meal thereafter.

The parents were delighted to see their wards active and involved in the various events of the seminary and were truly taken up by the hospitality and care the community extended to them. The finale was the Sunday morning Mass presided over by Fr Rector during which he symbolically asked the Parents to bring forward their sons to the altar during the offertory. Fr Wilson in his homily stressed the binding force of Christian love in our faith and vocation. (to view the photos of the day, click here)

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