Wednesday, September 28, 2011

An Orphan's Childhood

Sorrow burried deep in the heart
which can be seen clearly through the eyes.
Body designed with bruises on its every part
falling every moment they try to rise.

They stare at people with a glance of hope
but get pity or warnings, not compassion in return.
The good tidings of happy childhood they wanna gallop,
instead they achieve spits and scolds and shuns.

Seeing children going to school and study
they are filled with inferiority and self-pity.
Dreaming of being rich and famous in future
they spend their present in marshes muddy.

At the age of being fed
they go in search of food themselves.
By this unbearable hunger and temptations they are misled
into crimes like robbing, cheating and spoiling themselves.

Rejected by the womb which gave birth to them,
deserted by the hand which had to take care of them.
They open their eyes to the morn of this world
from a bin or a garbage or in a river being hurled.

Voices filled with pain and suffering
blamed and tortured by their surrounding.
Dressed with dirt and painted with fear
seems like everyone is their foe and they've no one dear.

cleansing their wounds with a solution of tears
finding not even a soul to console their fears.
If such a childhood to these orphans is given
how then can we expect them to become respectful citizen.

Just food or money or small favour done
nothing of this sort can soothe their pain.
A loving heart and a caring soul of one
if they gain it, the whole world they gain.
Br Jerome Emmanuel (Archdiocese of Hyderabad)

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