Friday, October 14, 2011


Oh! dear! you who are filled with deep sorrow
unable to fight today and face tomorrow
come out of the darkness of impossibility
luminate your life with the life of your ability.

Troubles in life are never easy.
yet, accept them as you do to joy and glee.
Own your errors and all your mistakes,
add up some courage and the victory it bakes.

Gold shines to the proposition of heat
you too will shine through the troubles you meet
never measure the pain but matter the goal
leave no brick unmoved in playing your role.

Depression and sorrows binds up your wings
ceases the flight of your dreams and yearings
cleanse your tears and set right your countenance
work, so that the world vibrates with your resonance.

If you exaggerate your problems which were just menial
and underestimate your talents and underdo your potential
you will end up a loser in the battle of life
then close your life with poison or knife.

Tis not the way for thee to proceed.
but win over yourself and do succeed.
make up your mind and listen what your heart says.
one day, you will find yourself a conqueror.
Br. Jerome Emmanuel Lewis
Archdiocese of Hyderabad

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