Sunday, December 18, 2011


by L. Jerome Immanuel

They were problems which seemed to see my end
They were times when whole world seemed my enemy
In all these times within me was a glowing friend 
Which never burned out till I was set free

Tears made me weak and helpless
Comments made things worse
low always was my head in the mess
life I just felt was on me a curse

When I became an enemy of my self
this useless body I wanted to kill
all ears to my voice went deaf
by dying i thought could I pay life's bill

God I knew was at a distance
from my life full of sin and shame
it seemed so from my depressive lens
for return of me was God's aim

I used all my strength to crawl up
but all my trials ended in vain
climbed till the brim fell back in the clump
no medicine I found could soothe my pain

There shone a light by the end of the tunnel 
which filled the darkness with a ray of hope.
There within me was a man so subtle
like to a falling climber a saving rope

Out of the ditch am I standing on ground 
with the help of the world in my life that shone 
never will I leave the salvation found
showing others the love which on me was shown.

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