Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Why Violence (Whyolence)?

A dawn to come a dusk to go
so is life with all highs and low.

Life is good when lived with love
and love is gone when violence enters in somehow.

Violence is a great miracle wrought by human race
of turning a heart of flesh into a stony ace.

The same blood running through his nerves
is shed by him from his brothers curves.

Running in madness around a mad leader
with a motto to achieve foolish goals by stamping fellow brother.

With rage in eyes, sticks in hand and wishing others with taboos
they leave their respect and dignity for a reason unknown or loose.

Having their children at home crying for food
parents crying slogans on roads, doing no one no good.

Love is life and its poisonous to hate
yet these violent agitators term violence as great.

Living the food to be cooked at home, they fight for food and ungained
rejecting the rights resting in their hands they fight for rights unnamed.

Protesting is good if and only for good cause
it should boast our lives but not be a pause.

So protest well but test none
from groups yet remain one.

Catch sticks but hurt none
raise voices but not the gun.

Solve the problems by agitating with hoarding
but don't create problems like firings and chasing.

The bleeding bodies, wounds and corpse lying on the ground
if its considered solution then repeat it with louder.

Br Jermore Emmanuel Lewis (I year)

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