Monday, July 18, 2011

Marian Tourney commences

The community of SJRS, Kondadaba gathered in the lawn this evening immediately after tea for a short inaugural programme of the Marian Month Games. Fr Dusi Devaraj, the director of Jyothirmai society (APBC, Hyderabad) was the chief guest of the occasion. He expressed his great pleasure and surprise at this novel way of celebrating Marian devotion - through a month-long celebration in various aspects. He reminded the community of one of the basic motive of such celebrations: unity.

Fr Rector in his introductory words, recommended that the participants of the various sporting events, all along the month, make good use of this opportunity to know Mother Mary a little more, to love her a little more and grow a little more in our personal devotion to her.

Fr Wilson was requested to be the torch-bearer on the occasion. The inaugural ceremony was planned, prepared and organised by the Youth Alive team. The sports include a range of outdoor games (football, basketball and volleyball) with a set of indoor games later in the month. The intra-community competition is brought to life by the eight growth groups which vie with each other for the highest score by the feast of the Assumption (Aug. 15).

The intensity of the games was evident on the first day itself, as one Brother had to be rushed to the town clinic for a displaced toe.

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