Monday, August 9, 2010

Recollecton - August 2010

The recollection for this month of August 2010 was preached by Fr Prathap, the Parish Priest of St Anthony's Church, Vizianagaram. Riding on the rich experience of his pastoral ministry and proud of his Salesian formation at Poonamalle, Tamil Nadu, the points he stated were very practical and integral aspects of formation and growth process of a candidate to Priestly life. His whole talk and sermon was centred on the formation of moral consciousness. Listing various obstacles that hinder one from getting our moral principles right, he elaborated the ways of overcoming the same using basic and non-negotiable elements of our vocation. His ready references to the Scripture, persons of the Biblical age, example from his pastoral experience and instances in the present Seminary life made his presentation of ideas very grounded and understandable. The two points he stressed above all: the necessity to live our life by the dictum Do good and avoid evil. Secondly, one ought to take responsibility for one's own life and formation.

He also presided over the concluding Eucharistic celebration at 7.15. In the meanwhile the community had an opporutunity to make its individual confession to any of the five priests available.

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