Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Inauguration of the new Academic Year – 2017-2018
 St John’s Regional Seminary
At Kondadaba

 “That You may Know the Truth of All Things” an inspiring words on the altar give conducive atmosphere to come to the altar of God to magnify the gift of this gifted life. It is a great moment to every one of us present in St John’s Regional Seminary Kondadaba. Our joy doubled by the presence of His grace Most Rev Dr Polimera Jaya Rao D.D. the Bishop of Yelluru. The Inaugural Mass began at 09:15 am in St John’s Regional Seminary Chapel at Kondadaba. Fr Jeevan Babu Parish Priest of Kondadaba participated in the Inaugural Mass. Then we had a short felicitation programme for the Bishop in the auditorium. Fr Jose K. the Vice-Rector of the Seminary welcomed the gathering by officially welcoming  Fr Maliekal Jose the Principal of the St John’s Regional Seminary and Bro.  Kotte Ravi new Assistant.

There was  Hymn to Holy Spirit by the brothers it brought a prayerful atmosphere all over the campus. Then short felicitation to His Grace Most Rev Dr Polimera Jaya Rao D.D. as a token of our great reverence and respect. He appreciated and congratulated Award winners by distributing the prizes. Fr Maliekal Jose principal of St John’s Regional Seminary read the Academic Report of  the previous year 2016 -2017. His Grace Most Rev Dr  Polimera Jaya Rao D.D. spoke to Philosophy Brothers that every opportunity you enjoy here is to form yourself an intellectually and spiritually for tomorrow‘s fruitful ministry, one way it is ultimately to reach out your destiny. After the programme a delicious lunch was prepared for all those who came for the programme. Finally the programme came to an end by wishing each other.   

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