Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The value of Friendship

There are many star in the sky
There are many fishes in the river
There are many people in the world
There are many trees in the forest
But no where could I find out something more meaningful than friendship. 

Friendship is an invaluable gift given to everybody by God. Devoid of friendship a person can only live as an island. We must make friends in our lives, because through friendship we cherish our feelings and fathom our emotions.  We must foster friendship in our lives for it fetches blissfulness to our hearts and fills our soul with tremendous joy.

Friendship is like a tree, which is not measured in terms of how tall it could be, but on how deep the roots have grown.  When the roots have webbed themselves fully in the womb of the earth, automatically the tree also grows very robust and strong. In a similar way, an intimate friendship finds itself rooted in love and understanding buried in the soils of trials, and watered by the fountains of sharing.  This sort of bond makes a friendship what it ought to be.

There may come a question to our minds, whether there is the need of good friendships at all. Can life go on without it?  We must foster good friendships in our lives, because a genuine friendship always brings happiness to others. When we strike a genuine friendship,  it will make us sedulous and authentic persons.  Besides, it brings us happy moments.  A good friendship always multiplies our ineffable joys, divides grief and adds pleasure to our lives.  When we make good friends, we feel very happy and satisfied.

Friendship is like a book, it takes a few seconds to burn, but it takes years to write.  Similarly when friendship is very intimate to our lives, it grows very profound and becomes an immensely cherishable experience.

Dear friends, friendship is the wonderful and tremendous experience that a human being can ever have.  Friends are indispensable to our lives.  They assist us to grow in our works and in every step we take.  Friends are the ones who will always be with us and guide us. Without friendship human beings cannot survive on the earth and cannot feel happy.  A good friendship cannot expunge bitterness from our lives but it can surely add some sweetness.  While bad friendship must be shunned, we must try our level best to cultivate good relationships in our lives.

Br Allam Manoj (First course)

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