Thursday, January 24, 2013

Annual Debate

As part of the academic curriculum, the annual debate was held on January 23, 2013 and the theme, “Nuclear Energy is the Best Energy Resource for India: Yes or No?” The moderator of the debate was Professor Mohan Rao from Vizag. 

There were three brothers for the motion and three brothers against the motion. All of the speakers did their level best in affirming their standpoints. After the individual talks, all the brothers were charged to release missiles in the form of questions against each other. It showed that brothers were really involved in the topic. The question and replies enriched the whole community. The rebuttal speeches of both the groups convinced each one in the hall that Nuclear energy is good and bad and only we should go for it as per the need. 

Fr Rector, Fr Balaswamy and Br Anil were the judges for the debate. Big kudos to Fr Wilson, the principal, for making the debate a big success.

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