Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A lad from Becchi...

Born in Becchi was a lad,
who in stall a great future had;
would grown amidst trials and tribulations,
yet be a blessing for generations.

At a tender age answered God's call,
with twinkling eyes which dreamt for all;
Guided by a mother who taught lessons of love,
and a Mother divine leading him from above.

After years of training and toiling hard,
was he ordained a labourer in Christs' vineyard;
Branches he chose were bent but green,
pruned in a way yielding greater than ever seen.

Ruffians and vagabonds were dear to him,
useless of this world as jewels to him seem;
Rescued young all over bless his name,
homeless have a home and aimless have an aim.

Made he an army of young souls,
under patronage of Francis de Sales, his boat still floats;
Seeds of service sown with love and care,
turned into shelter for all with none to spare.

Departing us he left his words alive to ponder,
may we imitate him in selfless surrender;
Let our actions retain his pace,
intercede for us dear Bosco till the end of our days.

Lewis Jerome Immanuel (I year)

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