Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Sacredness of Work

* by Br Allam Manoj (Guntur Diocese)

Human being is crowned with various capacities which enable him to rule over the world. Our bodies are so designed that no machine can outrun our biological metabolisms and no super computer can out do the human brain. When we believe that everything designed is meant for some purpose. Then, what could be the purpose of the ultimate design called humans. If we limit our activities merely to eating, drinking and resting, there would remain no difference between animals and us. Therefore, a human being is called so only when he fulfills the purpose of his existence. The purpose is not fulfilled when a person gets rusted doing nothing. Hence forth, work becomes the purpose giver in a person’s life. Human existence entails work. Owing to the myriad ways of living the proforma of work also differs. When a person works he brings his capacities to reality. He starts thinking creatively and his muscles get exercise. When he accomplishes his task, it gives him satisfaction.

Work is essential, for it brings more energy and richness to our lives. We should strive hard to excel in life. Our body functions when we work hard. When we work, we should not feel as if it is a burden, rather we should feel happy. There are different types of work, like manual labour, office work, aesthetic work, research work, fine arts. Every type of work is sacred because, it helps us to attain perfection in our lives. We should value work, for it brings beauty to the creation wherever we live.

In fact, we should respect the individuals those who work strenuously, even if they are doing “Menial” works. We should not detest them rather; we should appreciate their painstaking effort. Suppose if we detest them, then they would get idle and as we know idle mind is devil’s work shop. Rather, we should always respect and encourage them optimistically. Besides, work helps us become respectable and well-disciplined persons. When we work in a disciplined way, we are able to control our anger, temptations, desires and temperance.

My dear friends, work is essential in our lives. No one can escape from work. Though work leads us to suffer, pain yet we should remember that there is a pleasure and happiness in every work. Every work brings us excellent fruitfulness if we do whole-heartedly.

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