Friday, October 1, 2010

Sports Day (Oct. 1, 2010)

This day, on the feast day of St Theresa of Child Jesus, we had the Sports day for the year 2010-2011. It was truly fun filled with plenty of action out in the playground and indoors too. The morning session was occupied with track and field events while the afternoon saw the Brothers fight it out in the indoor games round. The whole day was well planned and prepared for by the Youth Alive group, under the leadership of Br B. Sateesh. The planning at the community level began a couple of weeks ago with each growth group giving their contestant names and the names being shortlisted according to the requisites of time available and the number of games.

For the track and field events, there were the normal 100 mts, 200 mts, 400 mts (relay), long jump, high jump, triple jump, discus throw, shot put and to add spice we also added slow cycling race too. Each group had given their list of competitors for each of these events and from the Youth Alive team there were appointed organisers for each event. Given all this organisational responsibility, it was good to also see that the Youth Alive team members participated in the various events, like every other group.

After lunch the indoor games (badminton, carroms, chess and table-tennis) commenced. To wrap up the events within the stipulated time (before tea) each of these games were restricted to a certain time limit with points for each step or victory. Thus the competitors were forced to go for the win, from the beginning itself, rather than stake everything towards the end. This also brought in good life for the games. Those not involved in the games made it a point to be around to offer a piece of advice to those playing or simply to cheer their group mates!

Fr Rinoy, the administrator, inaugurated the event with a short message and by lighting the torch. A round of cricket matches were held the previous day itself... and for a change, the teams were freshly divided, instead of the usual Growth Group teams or Course teams.

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